Monitoring solutions

SysRanger Data Sources

The following list shows from which source SysRanger gets metric information.
Group Feature Source Source Ports
database Status check SAPHostAgent 1128
database Port check
database User connection test DBUser DBPort
database Data and log size check DBUser DBPort
database License control DBUser DBPort
database SAP connection test (R3Trans) SRAgent
hana Properties SAPHostAgent HanaPort
hana Component list and their states SAPHostAgent HanaPort
hana System Overview SAPHostAgent and DBUser HanaPort
hana Data, log, and trace usage DBUser HanaPort
hana Memory and CPU usage DBUser HanaPort
hana Service memory usage table DBUser HanaPort
hana Backup list DBUser HanaPort
hana Backup space estimation DBUser HanaPort
hana Active Statements DBUser HanaPort
hana Connection list DBUser HanaPort
hana Transactions DBUser HanaPort
hana Tasks DBUser HanaPort
hardware CPU usage (per core) SRAgent or SAPHostAgent
hardware CPU properties SRAgent or SAPHostAgent
hardware Memory usage SRAgent or SAPHostAgent
hardware Disk usage (per partition) SRAgent or SAPHostAgent
hardware Disk read/write test SRAgent
network Continious ping test
network Connection matrix SRAgent
network Network scan and inventory list
network Open port list
network Port connectivity tests
os Process list SRAgent or SAPHostAgent
os Service list SRAgent
os Service Start Stop SRAgent
os Service stop alarm SRAgent
os Service keep alive SRAgent
os Event list (for Windows) SRAgent
os Network connections (netstat) SRAgent
os Scheduled Tasks SRAgent
sapinstance Instance status test SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance Process list 5xx13
sapinstance Alarm tables SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance Access Points list SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance System logs (SM21) SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance Developer traces SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance Gateway Clients SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance Queue Statistics SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance Work process table (SM50) SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance Instance properties SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance ICM View SAPHostAgent ICMPort
sapinstance ICM Thread list SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance ICM Connection list SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance ICM Cache table SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance ICM Proxy list SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance Profile parameter list SAPHostAgent 5xx13
sapinstance Security Audit Logs (SM20) SRAgent
sapinstance Profile Parameters (RZ10) SAPHostAgent
sapinstance Work process utilizations SAPHostAgent
sapsystem ABAP Runtime Errors (ST22) DBUser
sapsystem Job Overview (SM37) DBUser
sapsystem User List DBUser
vcenter List Virtual Machines
vcenter List & catch alarms

SAPHostAgent : An application automatically installed while installing SAP instance. It provides web services for monitoring purposes. SysRanger reaches monitoring web services by using 5xx13 and 1128 ports using sidadm user credentials.
SRAgent : SysRanger Agent.
DBUser : A database user with only "select" permission on monitoring tables and views. SysRanger reads some monitoring metrics directly from the database.

For more information about SAPHostAgent and monitoring services, please refer to the following links ;
SAP Host Agent
SAPHostControl Web Service
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HanaPort: Unless configured differently, typically the default port of Hana database is 3xx13 for SystemDB and 3xx15 for TenantDb where xx is the instance number..